VR Commodore

holden ute vrThe VR was a huge change from the VP, 80% of the exterior was changed with many large and small mechanical changes made.
The new introduced twin port grille was designed to pay homage to the FJ.
The interior changes were markable, including the soft form instrument panel, a new steering wheel with two way adjustable column and a heavily revised air conditioning system which removed the need to use ozone depleting chemicals.
The V6 engine boasted 130kW and better fuel economy, the V8 had 165kW.

3.8L EFI V6, 5L EFI V8, 5L HSV Enhanced 5L V8 (185kW)
Five Speed Manual, Four Speed Electronic control auto
Executive Sedan, Executive Wagon, S Sedan, SS Sedan, Aclaim Sedan, Aclaim Wagin, Berlina Sedan, Berlina Wagon, Calais Sedan, VR Ute, VR S Ute,
Price When New:
$25302 (Exec Sedan) $43692 (Calais V8)
Total Number Built: