VL Commodore

VL CommodoreThe VL introduced many exterior improvements, it also saw the introduction of a completely new Six Cylinder engine and an electronically controlled four speed auto.
Styling wise, the VL had a more refined and lower looking front end, with the top of the line Calais having a significantly different front end.
The use of the Nissan engine made it a very controversial model, but the engine gave the motorist 33% more power and 15% more fuel economy even with the introduction of lower octane unleaded in 1986.

3 L EFI Six Cyl, 3 L Turbo Charged 6 Cyl, 4.9 L V8
Five Speed Manual, Four Speed Auto, Three Speed Trimatic (V8)
SL Sedan, SL Station Wagon, Berlina Sedan, Berlina Station Wagon, SS Sedan, Calais Sedan, Calais Wagon
Price When New:
$13830 (SL Sedan)
Total Number Built: