HX Holden

HX HoldenThe HX was a further refinement of the HQ/HJ series. The big change with the HX was the inclusion of the low emission version of the engines, which were noticeably less powerful, to meet the anti polution standards set by Australian Design Rule 27A.
Externally the only changes were to the hubcaps and grill.
On the interior the steering column salk which controlled the wipers, washers, turn signals and headlight beam control gave the driver finger tip control.
A special run of 600 Limited Edition Monaro’s with Air Conditioning and a cartridge tape player were the last of the Monaro’s produced untill the 2000’s.

2.84 Litre Six Cylinder ‘173′, 3.3 Litre Six Cylinder ‘202′, 4.2 Litre V8 ‘253′, 5 Litre V8 ‘308′
Three Speed Manual, Four Speed Manual, Three Speed Trimatic Auto, Three Speed Turbohydramatic 400 Auto
Belmont Sedan, Belmont Station Wagon, Kingswood Sedan, Kingswood Station Wagon, Kingswood Panel Van, Kingswood Utillity (ute), Premier Sedan, Premier Station Wagon, Holden Cab/Chasis Truck, Holden Utillity (ute), Holden Panel Van, Sandman Panel Van, Holden Sandman Utillity (ute), Monaro GTS Sedan, Monaro LE Coup, Statesman De Ville Sedan, Statesman Caprice Sedan
Price When New:
$5186 (Belmont) $8554 (Statesman)
Total Number Built: