HR Holden

HR HoldenThe HR was a reworked HD, with every exterior panel reshaped to give a sleeker smoother more modern profile. New squared off headlights and tower style tail lights. The ‘Red Engine’ was increased in size giving the X2 109kW of power.
The Premier recived wood grain interior. Other options included power steering, front disc brakes, limited slip differentail. Other safety improvements were front seat belts, windscreen washers and shatterproof interior rear view mirror.
The automatic choke was included in this model, along with an $85 factory option of a 4 speed manual on the floor!

2.65 Litre Six Cylinder ‘161′, 3.05 Litre Six Cylinder ‘186′ also in varients called X2 and 186S
Three Speed Manual, Four Speed Manual, Two Speed Powerglide Auto
Standard Sedan, Special Sedan, Premier Sedan, Standard Stationwagon, Special Stationwagon, Premier Stationwagon, Panel Van, Utility (ute)
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