HK Holden

HK HoldenThe HK was the first series with the largest model range. This series also saw the first V8 engine, a fully imported 5L or 5.3L from the USA.
The HK was larger, heavier and had a more rounded body shape, with two new models to the series a coupe called Monaro and a luxury model called the Brougham.
The Monaro proved a hit, and in later years acquired a cult following from Holden enthusiests.
The base model was named the Belmont and the Special renamed the Kingswood.
The HK gave Australians the greatest choice of models, engines and transmissions than any other mass produced car than they had ever seen.

2.65 Litre Six Cylinder ‘161′, 3.05 Litre Six Cylinder ‘186′, 3.05 Litre Six Cylinder ‘186S’, 5 Litre V8 ‘307′, 5.3 Litre V8 ‘327′
Three Speed Manual, Four Speed Manual, Two Speed Powerglide Auto
Belmont Sedan, Belmont Utillity (ute), Belmont Station wagon, Belmont Panel Van, Kingswood Sedan, Kingswood Station Wagon, Kingswood Panel Van, Kingswood Utillity (ute), Premier Sedan, Premier Station Wagon, Brougham Sedan, Monaro Coupe, Monaro GTS Coupe, Monaro GTS 327 Coupe
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