HJ Holden

HJ HoldenThe HJ featured a new grille, wrap around front and rear lights, larger bumper bars and slight revisions to the pannels on the front end. Interior wise there was full foam seats installed, new instrumentation and revised ventilation.
The Kingswood model had a 202 motor as standard as well as power assisted disc brakes.
The Kingswood Deluxe gave buyers the most commonly requested factory options while keeping the price below $5000.
The Statesman Caprice became the top of the range while the Statesman De Ville became the base model Statesman.

2.84 Litre Six Cylinder ‘173′, 3.3 Litre Six Cylinder ‘202′, 4.2 Litre V8 ‘253′, 5 Litre V8 ‘308′
Three Speed Manual, Four Speed Manual, Three Speed Trimatic Auto, Three Speed Turbohydramatic 400 Auto
Belmont Sedan, Belmont Station Wagon, Kingswood Sedan, Kingswood Station Wagon, Kingswood Panel Van, Kingswood Utillity (ute), Kingswood Sandman Panel Van, Kingswood Sandman Utilllity, Kingswood Deluxe Sedan, Premier Sedan, Premier Station Wagon, Holden Cab/Chasis Truck, Holden Utillity (ute), Monaro Coupe, Monaro GTS Coupe, Monaro LS Coupe, Monaro GTS Sedan, Statesman Caprice Sedan, Statesman De Ville Sedan.
Price When New:
$3594 (Belmont) $4748 (Statesman)
Total Number Built: