HD Holden

HD HoldenEngineered entirely in Australia, the HD was a totally new body, making it wider and longer.
Levels of eqiptment were high including self adjusting brakes, disc brakes as a factory option, the latest fashion of Vinyl roof, and the X2 engine option.
The X2 engine was a 105kW engine, made possible by the twin carburettors, new manifolds, modified cam shaft and low resistance exhaust system.

2.45 Litre Six Cylinder ‘149′ or 2.95 Litre Six Cylinder ‘179′ 2.95 Litre Six Cylinder ‘X2′
Three Speed Manual, Two Speed Powerglide Auto
Standard Sedan, Special Sedan, Premier Sedan, Standard Stationwagon, Special Stationwagon, Premier Stationwagon, Panel Van, Utility (ute)
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