EH Holden

EH HoldenIn a period of 18 months 250,000 EH’s were sold, making this model the fastest selling car ever. Based on the EJ, the EH had a new look roof line, added to this there was a completely new six cylinder engine.
Named the ‘Red Engine’ the new motor improved compression, produced more power and better fuel economy.
The ‘S4′ model was primarily produced for racing, with larger fuel tank, toughened clutch and tail shaft.

2.45 Litre Six Cylinder ‘149′ or 2.95 Litre Six Cylinder ‘179′
Three Speed Manual or Three Speed Hydramatic Auto
Standard Sedan, Special Sedan, S4 Special Sedan (aka 179M), Premier Sedan, Standard Stationwagon, Special Stationwagon, Premier Stationwagon, Panel Van, Utility (ute)
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